Welcome to the site that doesn't exist

Hi everyone, and welcome to this little page.

broken navagation screen

Fuck him

You can click here to fuck me, however other information will be shown below.


Warning! I just got a new desktop! Who, the, fuck, cares, about you, getting a new shit! dammit, no one cares!

Desktop Information

My desktop information follows

And that's about it!
So people, I'm out of here for now, have fun and things!

Other computers?

Yes, I have some more working computers, god dammit, honestly, who do you think cares?

HP G5 Notebook PC at Mom's, shit, your mom's tight pussy was so mmm, i was like, having that last night while waching your porn collection. mmm

Asus T100 Ugh, I am getting bored

So that's about it

Well that's about all for computer stuff, so yeah. Good, cause no one cares about you or your computers

Since I've not been able to come up with anything to put here at this part of the web site, you can just go to the top or Click here to contact me and give me an idea. Although there is no point cause that won't work